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    Our team at 7D Manufacturing welcomes you to reach out to our top-notch Dallas machine shop ready to assist you with your machining, reverse engineering, assembly, and design needs. We are excited to work with you no matter what stage of the journey you find your project with all the twists and turns, difficulties, and challenges of bringing a product to life, not only bringing it to life but also extending the life of your product in the marketplace.

    We find there are 5 major stages of a product: Concept/Design, Prototype, Testing, Production and Sales. With 7D Manufacturing as your premier Dallas machine shop of choice we can help with these 5 major stages of your product life cycle.


    Stage 1 Design:

    At this stage your idea may only be a ‘figment of your imagination’ but that is okay…every idea has a conception or starting point. 7D Manufacturing can take a ‘figment of your imagination’ and bring it to life for others to see, taking it from a thought, idea, concept into the tangible world where it can be admired and utilized. Operating as a premier Dallas machine shop, we help to bring your ideas to light simply by asking questions and drawing pretty pictures in our CAD design software, okay maybe it is not quite that easy, but our goal is to streamline the process as much as possible. If your requirements extend beyond the capabilities of our Dallas machine shop, we have design partners that are willing and capable of assisting you with the design stage of your project.


    Stage 2 Prototype:

    This stage can be very satisfying and painstakingly disappointing all at the same time. Here is where the rubber meets the road, where what was once just a ‘figment of your imagination’ becomes a real life, tangible object and you exclaim ‘ITS ALIVE’. The prototype stage is exhilarating getting to hold your idea but also much harder on the wallet due to only manufacturing a few items to prove the concept from Stage 1 of Design. 7D Manufacturing your premier Dallas machine shop understands the challenges of the prototype chase and will be communicating with you all along the way. Need help in this stage of your journey then call us at 580-566-2284 or simply fill out our contact form and a trusted team member will contact you shortly to discuss your project.


    Stage 3 Testing:

    This is a fun stage, fun if you like to break things. The Testing phase is where the ‘figment of your imagination’ that has been brought to life finds if it can hold up to real world scenarios. Depending on the application, testing can be carried out in a lab environment that mimics real work scenarios or in the field where it will see a variety of influences that may not have been accounted for in the Design stage or a combination of the two. This phase can be a nail biter, as wait to determine if all your hard work was worth it, could there be a minor detail that was missed that causes a major catastrophe or did you hit a home run your first time up to bat. Typically, at this stage there will be modifications made to account for situations that were unseen during the earlier stages of development. Seeing your prize prototype fail under real world pressures can be disheartening but seeing it take a beating and keep on ticking is worth all the time and investment with 7D Manufacturing your Dallas machine shop of choice. Are you at this stage right now with your current project? Have you seen setback and failure as a daily occurrence? Reach out to our premier Dallas machine shop by phone at 580-566-2284 or simply send an email by our contact form.


    Stage 4 Production:

    Congratulations you made it thru 3 very difficult stages of product development, welcome to the Production stage. At this stage the kinks have been worked out of your product and it is ready to be produced for the masses to consume, the nail biting and sleepless nights of testing as behind you, what an exciting time! Here we are shifting gears from focusing on building a few pieces of your prize product to mass producing which could be anywhere from 10 pieces a month to 10,000 pieces a week. 7D Manufacturing, a Dallas machine shop is well equipped for this stage of the product life cycle along with having other trusted production partners that we can lean on. The joy of seeing multiples of your product come off the line is breathtaking, words cannot express, it is something that you simply must experience for yourself.


    Stage 5 Sales:

    Here we are, right where all the hard work begins to pay off, where the customers are lined up at your door ready to purchase your well designed, tested and quality made products, the Sales phase of your product life cycle. Of all the stages this may very well strike the most fear into you, having another human reject your product can be difficult but there is HOPE. When you make it to this stage of your product you have already done the market research to determine viability, now it is simply time to execute the fine art of transfer. That is right sales is simply the transfer of your product to a consumer for monetary compensation for all your hard work, materials, and labor. Sales is part of life, each day we transfer a precious commodity called time, just so happens that to get to this point of your product cycle you have traded, transferred, or invested a lot of your time, now get out there and make that transfer worth it. To have an effective sales team they need something to sell…namely a quality product, delivered on time every time. The quickest way to hurt the trust of your customer is to deliver a subpar product or be late on delivery. Customer confidence is precious, trusting your production needs to a premier Dallas machine shop is vital. 7D Manufacturing can deliver your product on-time with quality…every time.

    Reach out to our trusted team at 580-566-2284 or use our contact form and one of our trusted team members will be in touch to assist you with any phase of your project.